Web Design & Development

Ensuring consistency with your pre-defined brand standards, we collaborate with you to launch a professional website that is intuitive and fast loading, as well as mobile and search engine friendly from a single authoring platform.

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Custom Design

Without limitations, express your likes and dislikes to help launch a high-quality website that you are proud to show off.

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All web pages are fully responsive and accessible on any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile – without compatibility issues.

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SEO Ready

All the code behind your designs uses advanced on-page SEO techniques to increase website visibility on Google.

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Fast Loading

Experience the benefits from a professional website with fast loading web pages that render gracefully.

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Smart page layout and navigation, no matter how complex, making your content easy to find and read across different screen sizes.

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Flexibility & Control

Easily manage your website content in-house or contact us to implement new features and functionality as your business grows.

Web Design

Web Design Process

We identify content needs first, create page structure based on this content, and then design intuitive page layouts that look great across vastly different screen sizes.

  1. Discovery: We learn about your brand and online competition. Reveal user intent(s) and learn what content they expect to find when visiting your new website. Existing content and artwork are gathered and sorted.
  2. Strategy: A strategy is essential to achieving the best outcome, because what is decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. Decisions about content, structure, and priority are presented, discussed, and refined.
  3. Design: Concepts are presented and discussed. Then mock-ups are rapidly created to test our theories. After the review and approval cycle is complete, the website should have taken shape and match existing brand standards.
  4. Development: We code the website and publish the content. Using the sitemap as a guide, we review every page and make sure everything is in working order and provides a browsing experience that looks great on any screen size.
  5. Launch: We run a series of site audits and validate the accessibility and structured data, as well as, ensuring that pages load quickly. For added value, we apply many local SEO tactics and set up custom Google Analytics reports that measure the performance of the website and can automatically email you the reports monthly.


Coding best practices

We adhere to current WCAG standards, plus follow additional coding and on-page SEO best practices to help improve search rankings and simplify modification.

  1. Cost Savings A website is often thought of as a collection of pages and many similar components across the site are overlooked. By focusing on those components, we create designs and write code that streamlines development and reduces cost.
  2. Site’s Attributes: Proper use of HTML tags and structured data markup will make it easier for search engines to understand what each web page is about, and you achieve better distribution of your content to users from Search.
  3. Web Accessibility: WCAG standards ensures that your website is easy to use and is accessible to everyone. Your site does not have to be accessible to be effective, but it makes good sense – economically and socially.
  4. Code Readability: Consistent style and clear naming scheme makes it easier for developer to understand a section of code and modify it, if needed, without regard to when it was written or by whom.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): AMP HTML components are a way to build web pages that render faster on mobile. This is a relatively new framework, so we implement it selectively.
  6. Print-Friendly Pages: A print style sheet is created to hide unnecessary page elements and allow visitors to have a more enjoyable printing experience. Also, works when saving a page as PDF.

Web Hosting

Reliable Web Hosting

All of our websites are hosted on a reliable virtual private server.

  1. Fast SSD: So that you get the biggest speed boost possible.
  2. 99.9% uptime guarantee: Yes, our servers are fast. They are also reliable.
  3. Real-time backup: Redundant hard drives are used for real-time mirrored backups.
  4. Professional email Get custom email addresses that match your domain.
  5. SSL and unique IP address: SSL Certificates ensure secure communications between a website and an internet browser.
  6. Claim a domain for your website: Affordable domain name registration and management.
  7. Website security and maintenance: It is important to keep up with all updates to ensure your website is secure and performing at its best.

Business Email

Get G Suite for your business

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, videos meetings and more.

  1. Business email @yourcompany.com Professional, ad-free email with 30GB of inbox storage. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.
  2. Easy scheduling for teams Spend less time planning and more time doing with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts, so you always know what's next.
  3. Secure online storage Keep all your files in one place and always have the most up-to-date version wherever you are. Automatically sync files from your desktop and have access across your devices.
  4. Word processing for teams Create and edit text documents from any smart device. Multiple people can work in the same document at the same time, and changes are saved automatically.
  5. Easy surveys and forms Create custom forms for online surveys and questionnaires. Gather responses in a spreadsheet and analyze the data right in Google Sheets.
  6. Manage your organization Administration should not need a manual. Easily add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings, so your data stays safe.