Online Marketing Resources

For our Partners

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Analytics Custom Reports

Custom Google Analytics reports created by Cory Marazzo.

  1. Website Performance
    Measure visitor behaviour once on your website
  2. Visitor Technology
    Learn what devices your visitors are using
  3. AdWords
    Learn what happens after consumers click your Ads
  4. Shopify
    Measure online sales of your Shopify site with Google AdWords Shopping Ads
  5. Average Speed
    Discover average page load times across device and geography

Site Health Audit

Free tools to assess your website for general site health issues.

  • Mobile-friendly Test
    Do your web pages pass Google’s mobile-friendly page test?
  • Resizer
    Are your web pages responsive on any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile – without compatibility issues?
  • Wave
    How accessible are your web pages?
  • PageSpeed Insights
    Do your web pages load fast enough?
    Learn how you can speed up your site right now.
  • Built With
    Find out what your website is built with.