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Building a great company takes time. We’re here to support the journey.

WCKD Marketing is a creative digital agency in Toronto and Peterborough Ontario. We transform brands and grow businesses by combining eight areas of expertise: consulting, graphic design, content creation, web development, marketing campaigns, digital channel strategies, analytics, and conversion optimization.

People will stare; let's make it worth their while.

All of the ingredients you need to create a strong visual identity.

Whether we are adding value to an existing brand or joining you at the starting line, let's design a visual identity that draws people to your business.

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Creative Design

Launch a new website and connect with the world.

We design, develop, manage and improve websites for companies who require more than a pre-built template.

Own a custom-built website that is fuelled by more than a decade of search engine marketing and website performance optimization experience. It will be fast loading, secure, and reliable, as well as mobile and search engine friendly. We host your site on a secure, reliable virtual private server with free webmail, or professional email using G Suite by Google Cloud.

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Web Development

Transform your brand and grow your business.

We drives results by blending business and marketing strategies with our modern marketing approach.

To help secure a sustainable advantage over competitors, we develop and implement digital marketing strategies that are fuelled by more than a decade of search engine marketing and website performance optimization experience.

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SEO & Marketing

Transforming brands and growing businesses

Find out what opportunities exist, and discover how a professional brand, website and marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals.

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  • Cory Marazzo
  • Maxwell Dickomeit
  • Whitney Lu
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Cory Marazzo

Marketing Technologist

Hello, my name is Cory Marazzo, and I am the founder of WCKD. I specialize in using marketing and technology to help our clients gain a competitive advantage. As marketing technology extends beyond the boundaries of marketing in support of digital transformation initiatives, I find myself grateful to be working in this fast-paced, rapidly changing industry.

When I get asked, "what'd you do yesterday?" or "What are your plans tonight?" my answer is usually "Working". But, if I'm not working it's because I'm playing soccer or on a quick backcountry adventure.

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Max Dickomeit

Graphic Designer, marketing

Hello, my name is Max Dickomeit, and I am the graphic designer at WCKD Marketing. I focus on using digital art technology as well as my experience with traditional mediums to create captivating experiences for our clients and their audiences. I am very passionate about learning new methods and staying current with design trends.

I promise I'll add more photos this summer, for now, enjoy this art gallery with me.

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Whitney Lu

Social Content Creator, designer

Hey there, my name is Whitney Lu, and I'm a visual storyteller working in design and content creation. Combining problem solving with a multi-disciplinary design background, I aim to capture the value of every client that I work with – the story and real people behind their business.